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Aconcagua Normal Route – 22,841’ | 6,962m


20 days

Aconcagua Normal Route – 22,841’ | 6,962m

Difficulty: Avid


Season: Nov – Mar

Country: Argentina
National Park / Region: Aconcagua Provincial Park.
Ways to go: Group Adventure – Private Adventure
Group size: 12 travelers

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Mendoza – Argentina


USD $4,390

(Deposit from USD $800)

Aconcagua Normal Route – 22,841’ | 6,962m


20 days

Difficulty: Avid


Season: Nov – Mar

Country: Argentina
National Park / Region: Aconcagua Provincial Park.
Ways to go: Group Adventure – Private Adventure
Group size: 12 travelers

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Mendoza – Argentina


USD $4,390

(Deposit from USD $800)

At 22,841’ | 6,962m, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Americas and the second highest of the Seven Summits.

Aconcagua is often referred to as a “trekking peak”. It is a dangerous undertaking. While not technical ascent, Aconcagua is a highly underestimated climb, and the judgment of an experienced high-altitude mountain guide is essential.

Both routes in Aconcagua, Normal and Polish Traverse are long and extremely tough climb due to altitude and the unpredictable weather. Care needs to be taken if illness and injury are to be avoided. 

A carefully planned acclimatization, extra days, porter’s assistance, pre-trip information, training, mountain gear advice, tasty food, best mountain guides on the business, customer service, comfortable base camps, and many other areas are where “WhiteFox Adventures” makes a big difference and this is why your chances of summiting and being safe climbing Aconcagua will significantly increase.

The importance we give to these details will make your trip a super experience.

  • The key to climbing Aconcagua is good acclimatization. This cannot be rushed.
  • Two additional days give us the chance of safe and successful climb.
  • An ascent of Bonete Peak (16,732’ | 5,000m) to help you acclimatize.
  • Most experienced Argentinian mountain guides (English-speaking).
  • Includes porters support to carry group gear (tents and stoves).
  • Normal Route, via the Horcones Valley, is the most common route on Aconcagua.
  • We will visit the South Face of Aconcagua one of the mythical trekking in the Park to help our acclimatization.
  • The distance between high camps is very regular and short in comparison with other routes.
  • If you want to hire private porters, they are cheaper on this route.

This adventure takes place every day from November 1st to March 5th, in private adventure.

Prices are per person, guiven in USD Dollars.

Fri, 01 Dec

Wed, 20 Dec

USD 4,390

Sun, 17 Dec

Fri, 05 Jan

USD 4,390

Thu, 28 Dec

Tue, 16 Jan

USD 4,390

Tue, 02 Jan

Sun, 21 Jan

USD 4,390

Sun, 07 Jan

Fri, 26 Jan

USD 4,390

Sun, 14 Jan

Fri, 02 Feb

USD 4,390

Sun, 04 Feb

Fri, 23 Feb

USD 4,390

High altitude illnesses are seen on a daily basis during the busiest times of the season in Aconcagua. Many of these can be avoided with a good acclimatization program.
There are many ways to do this, and everyone acclimatizes at a different rate.

Our itinerary presents an ascent that offers an excellent opportunity for a safe and successful climb of Aconcagua.
We work bearing in mind the Wilderness Medical Society guidelines, and our itineraries have been tried and tested by more than six thousand climbers over the course of the past 20 years! 


DAY 1 – MENDOZA • 2,494’ | 760m 

Upon arrival in Mendoza, you will enjoy our selected hotel, which will be our meeting place. After checking into your room, time is available to rest or explore the city.
Our company will inform you our meeting time in the hotel lobby. We´ll meet our guide team. They will provide you with a complete orientation of the entire climb and a question and answer period.
Guides will check expedition gear and will assist you with any gear rentals or purchases if required.
For the evening, you are free to enjoy the many excellent restaurants in the area.

Meals: Not included
Accommodation: Selected hotel


DAY 2 – MENDOZA / PENITENTES • 8,940’ | 2,725m

After getting climbing permits with Aconcagua Provincial Park office in the town, we drive to Penitentes, a small ski resort near to the entrance of the Horcones Valley.
We will check in to our hotel. In the afternoon, the mule’s loads are prepared for the following day.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodation: Selected Inn


DAY 3 – PENITENTES / CONFLUENCIA • 10,827’ | 3,300m

After breakfast, we take a short drive to the entrance of the Park.
After completing the permit checks at Horcones Station, you’ll be faced with a short (3 to 4 hours) walk to the campsite Confluencia.
We have light backpacks, and lightweight approach shoes are ideal for the journey. All main gear is carried by mules; leaving you to trek with just a light backpack, meaning minimum weight and effort – the altitude, even modest for now, and arid climate make it tough enough.
The path is straightforward and well defined; following the big valley flanked by impressive scree slopes and folded strata. It is a perfect way start to the climb.
You will spend two nights here with full board and hot drinks provided throughout the day.

Hiking time: 3-4 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents



Today we hike to Plaza Francia and back to Confluencia.
We hike into the Inferior Horcones Valley, which leads to a view of Aconcagua’s immense South Face, raising a sheer 3,000m from the head of the valley. This hike to 4,000m, at Plaza Francia, has all the ingredients for a perfect “acclimatization day.”
Over a box lunch, we see the routes of ascent taken by the original French climbers and by Messner.

Hiking time: 6-7 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 5 – CONFLUENCIA / PLAZA DE MULAS • 14,107’ | 4,300m

We complete the approach to basecamp by following the Superior Horcones Valley to Plaza de Mulas. A tough 7-9 hours trek and 1,000m of “up” leads to base camp; it´s one of the hardest days of the expedition.
Guides ensure we walk at a moderate pace, so everyone arrives feeling well.
The first half of the trek rises gently, but it is a long way. The last part gets grittier, steeper and drier – you’ll need to have kept enough water in reserve.
Upon arrival, you can relax in our dining tent. We unpack our climbing gear carried by the mules and establish camp. Our basecamp is a full-service camp with all meals included; internet service and hot showers are available upon request. Here you meet the local staff, cooks and camp assistants and porters who support our climb from now on.

Hiking time: 7-9 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 6 – PLAZA DE MULAS • 14,107’ | 4,300m

Acclimatization and rest day at basecamp. We relax and adjust to the new altitudes.
Some may still be feeling the strain of altitude after the previous hard day. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner in basecamp, as well as hot drinks and water to keep hydration levels up to help you acclimatize (showers are available).
In the afternoon, we will have an orientation and then prepare our gear for the next day’s climb of Mt. Bonete at 5,100 meters.

Rest day
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 7 – PLAZA DE MULAS / MT. BONETE • 16,732’ | 5,100m / PLAZA DE MULAS

Bonete peak is a great day out, shaking off the torpor of basecamp and benefitting your acclimatization to climb Aconcagua.
For many climbers, this will be their first summit over 5,000m and from its top, you see most of the route to the summit of Aconcagua.

Hiking time: 6-7 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 8 – PLAZA DE MULAS / CAMP 1 CANADÁ • 16,404’ | 5,000m / PLAZA DE MULAS

Today we climb to Camp 1 known as Camp Canadá and return to basecamp.
Our trek ends, and the climb begins with our first carry of the expedition.
It is your first step on the mountain, getting you into the rhythm of the climb to come.
We will be carrying food, fuel and other supplies to be used in our camps higher on the mountain and then return to basecamp.

Hiking time: 3-4 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 9 – PLAZA DE MULAS • 14,107’ | 4,300m

Rest and acclimatization day. On this day, you will make sure that your equipment is ready, and you are well rested to make a move to a camp higher up the mountain.

Rest day
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 10 – PLAZA DE MULAS / CAMP 1 CANADÁ • 16,404’ | 5,000m

This morning we leave basecamp and climb to Camp 1 with our remaining gear. Your heart and mind will focus on the summit. Once in Canada, the group will enjoy lunch and set up tents.

Hiking time: 3-4 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 11 – CAMP 1 CANADÁ / CAMP 2 NIDO DE CÓNDORES • 17,224’ | 5,250m

Today we move from Camp Canada to our Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores where we spend the next three nights for rest and acclimatization.
After reaching Nido de Cóndores, we set up tents with the guides. Above basecamp, the guides do the cooking and provide hot drinks to keep you fed and watered.
In the afternoon, you can walk around the campsite. From the northern side, you get views of the route, almost to the top, including the traverse across the screen field to the foot of the Canaleta.
The park authorities also maintain a small hut in Nido de Condores. These marks the last point of helicopter evacuation.

Hiking time: 3-4 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 12 – NIDO DE CÓNDORES • 17,224’ | 5,250m

We enjoy a rest and acclimatization day at Nido de Cóndores, necessary for the following days.

Rest day
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents



Carry to high camp, Camp Cólera. All climbers will carry expedition food, fuel and some camp equipment that we will need in Cólera and for our summit attempt. It will be a short hike, but we will move slowly to acclimatize and prepare for summit day. Once at Cólera, you will have lunch and then return to Nido de Cóndores.

Hiking time: 4 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 14 – CAMP 2 NIDO DE CÓNDORES” / CAMP 3 CÓLERA • 19,685’ | 6,000m

Climb to high Camp 3, Cólera. We set up the camp and preparing for our push to the summit.
While you are resting, guides will check your summit gear for the next day and give an orientation on the summit climb.
We´ll have an early dinner and go to bed to get a good night’s rest for the early morning start the next day.

Hiking time: 3 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 15 – CAMP 3 CÓLERA / SUMMIT • 22,841’ | 6,962m / CAMP 3 CÓLERA

It will be the hardest day of all on Aconcagua. We can expect as much as 10 to 12 hours to reach the top and back.
We wake up early in the morning and leave at 6 am. The guides will serve hot drinks and a quick breakfast. They let us know what time to leave our tents, so we all rise together and start moving toward the summit.
Summit day can be divided into three sections. First, the steep path to Independencia, second, the traverse across the Gran Acarreo, and third, the climb of the Canaleta.
Until Independencia, the climb is gradual as we follow zigzags for the next two hours. The journey will have seemed a reasonable task to many climbers. However, above this point, progress becomes much harder.
Managing the traverse is a slow and laborious process. Conditions are often difficult – high winds, driving snow and cold temperatures are not uncommon.
La Canaleta is a strenuous climbing up and takes longer than it first appears. Steps are much harder won – 1, 2, 3, even 4 breaths per step.
Upon reaching the top of the Canaleta, a straightforward traverse leads to the summit. A small cross marks the summit. Time for a celebration! After all photos are taken, we begin our descent back to Cólera Camp.

Hiking time: 10-12 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 16 – CAMP 3 CÓLERA / PLAZA DE MULAS • 14,107’ | 4,300m

A rapid descent down scree slopes to basecamp, where your support staff is waiting to share in the excitement of your ascent.

Hiking time: 3-5 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mountain tents


DAY 17 – PLAZA DE MULAS / HORCONES / MENDOZA • 2,494’ | 760m

After packing our gear, we descend to Horcones, the entrance to the Park, on the last trekking day of the expedition. The journey to Horcones Station is a long one.
You will only take a light backpack with a jacket and your packed lunch.
Transport will meet us. We need to wait for the mules with the expedition´s gear. Then we start the trip to Mendoza City. Lodge in the hotel.

Hiking time: 7-9 hrs. round trip
Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch
Accommodation: Selected hotel


DAY 18 – MENDOZA • 2,494’ | 760m

Departure day. Breakfast. End of services.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Not included


DAY 19 & 20 – EXTRA DAYS

These extra days are scheduled into the itinerary in case we encounter poor weather conditions. Having these two extra days has proven to improve the team’s success dramatically.

Meals: Breakfast, Packed-Lunch, Dinner



While it is our intention to adhere to the route itinerary described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary can be modifying due to weather conditions or others unpredictable factor of the mountain regions.

What’s included



We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Penitentes in our comfortable van. 

Our drive is approximately 180 kilometers. The scenery throughout our journey is boasted as one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Central Andes. 

We also deliver you back from Horcones to Penitentes, and then to Mendoza after the climb.



You will be driven in our vehicles, from Penitentes to the Ranger Station where your permit is reviewed, and you are informed about the park rules before we start trekking.



You will stay in an excellent hotel centrally located in Mendoza city for two nights, one night upon arrival and the second after completion of the climb. 

The rooms are double or triple occupancy (two or three people to a room) with breakfast and taxes included in the price. If you prefer a single room, this can be arranged at an additional cost.



The group will spend one night in Penitentes in a quaint hotel at the beginning of the expedition.

The rooms are for two to four people with private bathroom. 

A great dinner and breakfast are included at the hotel.



You spend two nights in CONFLUENCIA CAMP for proper acclimatization. It is a well-established camp with dining tents, lights, chairs and clean toilet facilities for your use. 

Once you have arrived at PLAZA DE MULAS, you will spend a total of six six nights in our basecamp, which is fully prepared to make your climb of Aconcagua as comfortable as possible. We have dining tents where you not only eat but also can relax as they are warm from the sun and keep you out of the weather. 

At both basecamps, we provide two-man sleeping tents. 

Hot showers, Internet service and bunk beds (dormitory style) are available for an extra cost.



We use The North Face VE 25 Tents. These are the most comfortable and most robust tents in high winds, perfect for Aconcagua. 

All our climbing gear and all our equipment is well maintained and replaced regularly.



During your stay in Mendoza city, you have breakfast included at the hotel that you have booked through our company.

In Penitentes, you have included dinner with a varied menu and breakfast.



From the moment you enter Aconcagua Park, all meals are included, so you should not worry about it. During the expedition, we will provide all meals (B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / PL: Packed-Lunch if you are on the move / D: Dinner).

At the basecamps, meals are carefully planned by our professional chefs for you to have a balanced diet and plenty of food during your climb. They will prepare all your meals and provide hot drinks as desired.

In the high-altitude camps, our guides will be responsible for preparing all meals. They will be served in the sleeping tents depending on the weather.

If you need a special diet, please let us know. It will be a pleasure for us to prepare a special menu for you. This service has an extra cost.

Our Guides

We’re proud of the fact that our guide’s team is among the most talented and experienced in the country. They can lead a group on the highest mountain as few can.

All our guides hold full certification with the AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides), the highest level of guide training available in Argentina.


WhiteFox Adventures success was due in massive part to having exceptional guides team.   

They have become our friends and WhiteFox Adventures has become a vehicle for all of us. 

Our view is that if we don’t enjoy the people we work with, that our clients won’t either. 

Teamwork works, together we develop our climbing itineraries to be safer and flexible. 

Every WhiteFox Adventures guide is experienced, and familiar with our ethics, standards, and operations, from the technical skills of our guides to our risk management.

As you reach higher elevations and test your limits, the value of an experienced guide cannot be understated. Our professional guides provide individual attention for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Gear Transportation


Mules will move all expedition gear from Penitentes to basecamps and back to Penitentes at the end of the expedition. We recommend you bring heavy duffel bags to make sure all your equipment is protected during transport. 

Every climber may transport by a mule a maximum of 30kg on each stage of the approach and descent, organized as follows:

Day 3 – Penitentes / Confluencia:

10 kg From Penitentes to Confluencia (trekking gear, sleeping bag & mattress)

20 kg From Penitentes to Plaza de Mulas (altitude gear)

Day 5 – Confluencia / Plaza de Mulas:

10 kg From Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas (trekking gear, sleeping bag & mattress)

Day 17 to 19 – At the return of the altitude:

30 kg Plaza de Mulas / Penitentes (all climber gear)



In our expeditions, we employ porters to carry part of our climbing gear to keep your backpacks at reasonable weights while ascending the mountain. 

For the Normal Route, Porters carry our sleeping tents from Plaza de Mulas to all the high-altitude camps on the mountain. They also take all human waste and trash down to basecamp.   

If you would like to hire additional porters to carry all your gear between camps, you can do so at an extra cost.

Much More Services


A thorough orientation will take place on the 1st day of your program. 

We will discuss all details of the climb with ample time for questions and answers. 

After that, will be followed by a complete gear check. If the rental or retail gear is needed, our guides will assist you.



We will assist you with the paperwork to acquire a climbing permit. 

On the day of our departure to the mountain, our group will go to Park Headquarters where each climber must pay and sign for their permit.



On the 4th day of the expedition, you will visit the base of the mythical South Face of the Aconcagua. It’s the most vertical face of the mountain, with glaciers and walls almost 3,000 meters tall. 

During this trek, you will ascend 700 meters giving your body further acclimatization.



During your stay at Plaza de Mulas, we spend one-day trekking to the summit of Bonete Peak, a 5,100m, to get a spectacular view of the West Face of Aconcagua and to gain further acclimatization. 

It is a beautiful climbing day.



On the Normal Route, we offer two extra days. It’s crucial to increase your chance of summit success and a prime example of where we put quality first. 

These extra days allow us to wait out bad weather if needed. 

Many other teams retreat early from the mountain as they have run out of time or moved too quickly up the mountain often causing climbers to become ill. 

If we finish on time, you can enjoy the beautiful city of Mendoza and the surrounding wine county or fly home early.



All our base and approach camps are equipped with a system of communication via radio frequency, VHF, and satellite phone. These keep us permanently connected with our headquarters in Mendoza city and Penitentes as well as with all our expeditions on the mountain. 

So, we can facilitate those coming off the mountain whether scheduled or unscheduled on time. Should an emergency occur, we are in close contact with Rangers and the helicopter service to move climbers efficiently to additional services off the mountain. 



Once your expedition is over you will receive an Aconcagua summit certificate.

What’s not included

The following items are not included in this program:

Wire Transfer Fees for deposit or balance (If Applicable).
International round-trip airfare home country – Mendoza.
Excess baggage charges lost luggage and airport taxes.
Climbing Permit Fee.
– Single Accommodations (Hotels Only).
– Airport transfers. (Due to multiple arrival schedules). Taxis are an easy way to get back and forth from the Airport to your hotel. You can also request personal pickups at the airport for an additional cost.
– Guide Tips.
– Private porters hired to carry your gear if you choose. They can be confirmed in advance.
– Some supplemental snacks such as candy bars and drinks which are not mentioned in provided services.
– Personal gear.
– Additional hotels and meals if the expedition finishes early and returns to Mendoza.
– All fees incurred for an early departure from the scheduled itinerary (whether private or medical), including additional hotels, meals & transportation (mules, auto or helicopter) a full schedule of departure evacuation fees will be sent in confirmation materials for early departures.
– Helicopter evacuation.
– Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond the control of WhiteFox Adventures.
– Trip cancellation insurance.

Gear Tips

  • Bring only the equipment what is necessary, as this will help you during the entire trip.
  • The key to staying comfortable during this trip is layering. To obtain maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection. 
  • This list is for guidance; it does not have to be followed to the letter.
Provided by WhiteFox Adventures
  • All Group Cooking Gear & Stoves
  • Sleeping Tents
  • Portable Toilet and Toilet Paper for altitude camps
  • Group First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen and Oximeter

We know how important it is to have the right equipment to enjoy the adventure.

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