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Why Us

Specialists In Patagonia

We are a Tour Operator & Travel Agency with over 30 years of experience exploring and developing adventure trips.

We are committed to offering a curated selection of guided activities and providing expert advice to create your perfect adventure in Patagonia.

Based in Esquel, a small town in the Patagonian mountains and cooperating with the most trusted operators in the region and passionate local guides, we are inspired to share authentic Patagonian experiences, creating memories for a lifetime. 

Unparalleled adventure travel in Patagonia is what we do.

Experience Matters

We have been setting the standards for guiding adventures in Argentina for over 20 years, so we offered support to more than 1,200 expeditions worldwide. Whether measured in years of operation, the number of guides who learned their trade under our supervision, or the vast number of folks with whom we have explored the Andes, we have more experience guiding adventures in Argentina than any other mountain guiding service.

24/7 Bilingual Service

We can solve any unexpected issue that might occur, offering 24/7 service. We have a staff of professional and expert people who can assist you whenever you need it before, during and after your adventure.

Our Guides

We’re proud that our guide’s team is among the most talented and experienced in the country. This team can lead a group along the Andes mountains as few can.

All our guides hold full certification with the AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides), Argentina’s highest level of guide training. 

WhiteFox success was due in massive part to having an exceptional guides team. They have become our friends, and WhiteFox has become a vehicle for all of us. 

Our view is that if we don’t enjoy the people we work with, our clients will either. 

Teamwork works; we develop our adventure itineraries to be safer and more flexible. 

Every one of our guides is experienced and familiar with our ethics, standards, and operations, from the technical skills of our guides to our risk management.

As you reach higher elevations and test your limits, you must consider the value of an experienced guide. Our professional guides provide individual attention for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Client Support

We’re there for you every step of the journey. In addition to our talented guides, our full-time operations team ensures that every client is appropriately prepared for the adventure. From equipment gear advice and team communications, we are devoted to providing every climber who arrives in the mountains prepared and excited about the experience ahead.

Clear Information

When you travel with WhiteFox Adventures, you start the trip with a solid idea of your expenses. Our itineraries make it clear up front what costs are covered, and which will be your responsibility.

We’ve rolled more services into our trips to enhance your travel experience and eliminate unexpected costs.

100% Guaranteed Departures

That’s right. We’re the first to guarantee every one of our departures. 

All our expeditions with scheduled departures are guaranteed, so you do not have to worry that your date may change.


Throughout history, mountain safety has been one of the three core pillars of our company. WhiteFox Adventures maintains the highest standards for commercial practice and safety compliance. We pride ourselves on our safety record. When making decisions and organizing adventures, safety is our primary focus.

Small groups with several guides make the climb more enjoyable and safer and give you a higher chance of success.

Continual Improvement Is Deeply Rooted In Our Dna

Much of the experience you will enjoy in our adventures comes from proper planning, customer feedback, and creative thinking.

We continually re-evaluate the entire process of our expeditions to make every effort to enhance the quality of our itineraries and reduce our impact on the mountain. These translate from minor adjustments to our camp menu to adding days to the plan. You can be confident that all the logistics, down to the little details, have been double-checked and confirmed. This continued work has allowed us to build upon a standard of excellence and give our clients the consistency they deserve year after year. From the first step to the summit and back, we are here to help you in this fantastic adventure.

The most challenging and exciting part is that the process is never complete, and everything we hope to accomplish remains a work in progress.

Fortunately for us, this service ethos of helping others access and experience a great adventure proved valuable, and in doing so, we found purpose and satisfaction.

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