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Plan your exclusive adventure
to Patagonia with us

Highly personalized service

If you want to rely on a local who is familiar with and understands Patagonia, somebody that takes the time in getting to know your priorities and assesses you in the best possible way to create a dream adventure, you can count on us.

Based on a highly personalized service we are committed to planning and working one-on-one with you to create an itinerary that meets your adventure expectations in Patagonia.

We help you plan the trip of your dreams

We know that you might have many questions when planning a trip to Patagonia. All along a 2,000 km extension, we will find a wide range of adventures and landscapes that would take us a lifetime to fully explore. We do not want to miss a thing, but how can we combine different activities? Where can we start to get the best experience ever?

Creating an amazing itinerary requires a vast knowledge of the region, which you would not be able to get from a couple of trips, but from a lifetime of experiences.

If you are already dreaming of your trip to Patagonia and you are completely lost about where to start, or if you want to rely on a local who is familiar with and understands Patagonia, or somebody who is aware of your needs and advises you in the best possible way to plan the trip of your dreams, then you can count on us.

Whether you are looking forward to horseback riding along the vastness of a Patagonian ranch, walking through the continental ice field or watching the sunrise at the base of the Mount Fitz Roy: we can make all those plans come true for you.

Book your hotel and transportation

Based on a highly personalized service, we are committed to creating trips that meet your expectations and mind the details. We take the time to get to know your priorities, and to share our vast knowledge
with you. We plan and work one-on-one with you to make an itinerary where all your adventure desires in Patagonia come true.

But if you have already planned your trip and you only need our help for a part of it, we can give you the best guidance and only make the reservations that you need, like booking a hotel room or a transportation service.

And most importantly, whenever we book hotel rooms, transportation services or tours with any other company on your behalf, you do not get to pay any extra fee; you just pay the same amount of money as if you were booking them yourself.

We can help you with your bookings whatever your budget, the number of people in your group, the length of your stay, your preferred activities, or your appetite for adventure.

Our guides: Quality and Expertise

We are certified mountain guides, and from the very beginning we embrace our profession with passion and illusion. From the very beginning, guiding helped us to create our very own perspective about adventure trips and expeditions, and how to take care of those who trust us.
We know that the guide is crucial in the experience that we are going to live.
As owners, we never delegate to anyone else the selection of guides and their assignment to each group. We review your interests and travel preferences to find the appropriate guide, who matches perfectly to make your experience unforgettable.
We evaluate and train our guides. Most of them were born and raised in Patagonia, and are certified in their specialties.

How we work

We listen

It’s simple. We are good at listening what you wish for. Share with us your point of view of what you want to experience, your interests and travel style. Or just ask us for ideas! We have many good ones.

We coordinate

Based on your interests, we check with you the available options, a list of the best destinations and activities for your trip, and our best and objective tips for you to create memories for a lifetime.

We book

Once you agree with the plan, we start booking everything that is needed to make your dream come true.

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