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Southern Ice Field Expedition


8 days

Southern Ice Field Expedition

Difficulty: Avid


Season: Nov – Feb

Country: Argentina
National Park / Region: Los Glaciares National Park
Ways to go: Private Adventure
Group size: 1 to 8 Travelers

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El Chaltén – Santa Cruz – Argentina


USD $2,670

(deposit from USD $800)

Southern Ice Field Expedition


8 days

Difficulty: Avid


Season: Nov – Feb

Country: Argentina
National Park / Region: Los Glaciares National Park
Ways to go: Private Adventure
Group size: 1 to 8 Travelers

Join in

El Chaltén – Santa Cruz – Argentina


USD $2,670

(deposit from USD $800)

The Southern Ice Field is one of the less known areas on Earth, being one of the explorers’ and dreamers’ constant objectives in their search for honest and direct contact with wild nature. 

We propose that we follow the steps of those brave explorers from the past years and enter an incredible world where ice and rock are the main protagonists.

This adventure takes place every day from November 1 to February 28, in private adventure.

1 Traveler

USD $3,990

2 Travelers

USD $2,670

3 Travelers

USD $2,450

4 to 6 Travelers

USD $2,200

7 to 8 Travelers

USD $1,800


On this day, you will arrive at El Chaltén and stay at your hotel. 

In the evening, we will meet with our guide and the rest of the expedition staff. During this briefing, the guide will explain the technical characteristics of the program and introduce us to the magical Southern Ice Field. There will also be a revision of the personal equipment of each passenger and the common loads that each person will have to transport along the itinerary, including the food provided by WhiteFox Adventures.

The arrival to El Chaltén on this day must be early (during the morning) to have enough time in the evening in case it is necessary to rent or buy equipment.

Welcoming day
Meals: Not included



After we meet the guide at the hotel, private transportation will pick us up to take us to the bridge of the Río Eléctrico (15 km northeast of El Chaltén), our expedition’s departure point.

We will start trekking to the base of the Glaciar Marconi. The first two hours of the trekking follow the Río Eléctrico upstream through a thick forest of Ñire and Lenga trees up to Piedra del Fraile Camp. Crossing the camp, we will enter a vast glacier valley that will open before us to let us see the Cerros Treinta Aniversario, Marconi Norte and Marconi Sur.

From Piedra del Fraile, we will walk along the southern edge of the Lago Eléctrico, and in less than two hours, we will ford the Río Pollone. From here, we can see the northeast face of the Monte Fitz Roy.

We will walk one more hour to the west margin of the Lago Eléctrico, where we will set up our tents in La Playita Camp, which is only 30 minutes away from Glaciar Marconi.

6-7 hrs. trek
Meals: Box Lunch, Dinner



We will wake up at first light for breakfast, pick up camp, and begin the hiking day. A 30-minute walk will lead us to the moraine of the Glaciar Marconi, where the land is unstable and the path disappears. Once we cross that stretch, we will get on the glacier to gradually ascend the 800 meters of elevation gain that separates us from Paso Marconi. From there, we will have a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain range and the immense continental ice cap field. 

We will set our camp at the foothills of Cerro Marconi Sur. The almost aerial position of the campsite will allow us to see the sunset and the sunrise on the walls of the Fitz Roy, the Super Canaleta, and the Pier Giorgio and Gorra Blanca mountains. 

Crampons and cords will be used to overcome the cracks or compact steep ice hills, depending on the ice conditions. The Glaciar Marconi creates a funnel effect for the winds from the Southern Ice Field and the Pacific Ocean. At this point, expedition members can experience an added physical and mental challenge due to the gusts of wind and hail that can pick up in this area.

8-9 hrs. trek
Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner



Early after breakfast, we will start walking. Our guide and assistant will carry most of the general load (tents, food, gas, and others) in sledges. 

During the day, we will walk over the Southern Ice Field, which will be the magnificent setting of our journey. We will revel in the sights of the Volcán Lautaro (still active), the Mariano Moreno Mountain Range (almost as high and much more extensive than the Fitz Roy), the Cuatro Glaciares pass and the Glaciar Chico. We will have to use snowshoes if necessary.

By evening, we will arrive at Circo de los Altares, at the foot of the legendary South Face of the Cerro Torre, where we will set up our camp.

7-8 hrs. trek
Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner



During the morning, we will walk to Laguna de los Esquíes over the lateral moraine of the Glaciar Viedma, which is going to be the place from which we are going to abandon the Southern Ice Field (formally Glaciar Viedma in this place).

If the weather and physical conditions allow it, we will continue to the Paso Del Viento shelter to spend the night.

8-9 hrs. trek
Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner



After a great breakfast, we will start trekking to Paso del Viento, where we will rest to contemplate the magnificent landscape. 

From there, we will descend the 800-meter elevation gain to the Laguna Túnel Superior through a glacier and altitude rocky ground. Depending on the conditions, we will cross the Rio Túnel through a zip line and border the Laguna Toro. Very near to it, we will spend our last camping night at the Laguna Toro camp.

6-7 hrs. trek
Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Dinner



We will start walking with the Río Túnel to our right, following the path that will take us back to El Chaltén and enjoying the last sights of the Torre and Fitz Roy mountains. End of the services.

6-7 hrs. trek
Meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch



In case of adverse weather conditions, we will use this day to prevent us from progressing in the critical steps of our journey. In any other case, we will use it to spend an extra day in Circo de los Altares, to rest or to camp again in any of the other spots of our program. The guide will decide this considering weather conditions and the passengers’ physical condition.

Rest day
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



While it is our intention to adhere to the route itinerary described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary can be modifying due to weather conditions or others unpredictable factor of the mountain regions.

What’s included


We will pick you up from your hotel in El Chaltén and take you to El Eléctrico Bridge in a comfortable vehicle. Our drive is approximately 15 kilometres.
The landscape throughout our trip runs along the meandering Río de las Vueltas, an imposing landscape of mountains and glaciers.


You will spend six nights in double occupancy sleeping tents. Our tents are the most comfortable and robust in high winds, perfect for this expedition.
All our expedition gear and technical and camping equipment for the activity are well maintained and replaced regularly.

Our Guides

We’re proud of the fact that our guide’s team is among the most talented and experienced in the country.
They can lead a group on the highest mountain as few can.
WhiteFox Adventures success was due in massive part to having exceptional guides team.
They have become our friends and WhiteFox Adventures has become a vehicle for all of us.
Our view is that if we don’t enjoy the people we work with, that our clients won’t either.
Teamwork works, together we develop our climbing itineraries to be safer and flexible.
Every WhiteFox Adventures guide is experienced, and familiar with our ethics, standards, and operations, from the technical skills of our guides to our risk management.
Apart from the mountain guide, we provide an assistant guide every 3 passengers to provide individual attention for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Technical Gear & Camping Equipment

We will provide you with the necessary technical equipment to carry out this activity (ropes, helmet, safety systems, etc.), so that you can enjoy your adventure in complete safety.
Likewise, we will provide you with the tents and the cooking set.
All our climbing gear and equipment is well maintained and replaced regularly.


From the moment you get into the mountain, all meals are included, so you should not worry about it. During the expedition, we will provide all meals (B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / PL: Packed-Lunch if you are on the move / D: Dinner). Our guides will be responsible for preparing all meals. They will be served in the sleeping tents depending on the weather.
If you need a special diet, please let us know. We will be pleased to prepare a special menu for you. This service has an extra cost.

Contingency Day

On our expedition, we offer one extra day. It’s crucial to increase your chance of success and a prime example of where we put quality first.
This extra day allows us to wait out bad weather if needed.
If we finish on time, you can enjoy the beautiful town of El Chaltén.


All our expeditions have a satellite phone to keep us permanently connected.
Should an emergency occur, we are in close contact with Rangers and the rescue service to move climbers efficiently to additional services off the mountain.

Gear Check And Orientation

A thorough orientation will take place on the 1st day of your program.
We will discuss all the climb details with ample time for questions and answers.
After that, we will check the complete gear. Our guides will assist you if the rental or retail gear is needed.

What’s not included

The following items are not included in this program:

Accommodation in El Chaltén.
Single Accommodations (camp night).
Personal gear, sleeping bag and isolated sleeping pad.
– Private porters to carry your gear if you choose. You can confirm them in advance.
– Some supplemental snacks, such as candy bars and drinks, not mentioned in the provided services.
– All fees incurred for an early departure from the scheduled itinerary (whether private or medical).
– Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond the control of WhiteFox Adventures.
– All the services that are not specified in this program.
– Trip cancellation insurance.

Gear Tips

  • As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. Bring only the equipment that is necessary.
  • The key to staying comfortable during this trip is dress layering. To obtain maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation, and weather protection. 
  • Each item on the list below is required, regardless of the weather forecast, to ensure your safety and well-being, as weather and conditions can change quickly in the mountains.
Provided by WhiteFox Adventures
  • All Group Cooking Gear & Stoves
  • Sleeping Tents
  • Group First Aid Kit
  • Communication System (Garmin In-Reach)

We know how important it is to have the right equipment to enjoy the adventure.

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